Tank Cutters

Darda TC 120 - The new Darda Tank Cutter

darda tc120

Tank cutting made easy, safe and faster than ever

  • Continuous cutting
  • Safe alternative due to cold cut
  • With hydraulic rotation






Total Length 1 1200mm 47inches
Total Width 1 430mm 17inches
Total Height 528mm 21inches
Opening Width 120mm 5inches
Total Weight 270kg 595lbs
Recommended Device Carrier Weight 3 - 8t 6614 - 17637lbs
Hydraulic Connection    
Connection Pressure min. 17.5MPa (175bar) 2500psi
Connection Pressure max. 27MPa (270bar) 3900psi
Operating Pressure 47MPa (470bar) 6817psi
Oli Max. Flow 100 l/min 26Us gal/min
Specification of Hydraulic Oil ISO VG32 - VG 46 ISO VG32 - VG 46
Cutting Force max. 662kN (67t) 150,000lbf
Closing Time 2 ca. 2.3 seconds ca. 2.3 seconds
Opening Time 2 ca. 1.8 seconds ca. 1.8 seconds
Cutting Capacity (Selection of Profiles)    
Pipe VA2 090 x 5mm Plate VA2 - t = 12mm Plate S355 - t = 15mm
1 Valve with full opening width    2 Valve with max. oil flow    
tc120-s3 tc120-s2-sm tc120-s1-sm