Darda Splitters

400 tons of splitting force in one hand!


  • Enormous splitting force up to 413 tons
  • Dust free and near silent operation
  • Vibration free
  • Light weigh

Splitting Cylinders are handheld demolition devices, which controllably split material with the use of hydraulic pressure. Above all they convince, when larger conventional demolition devices are ruled-out because they produce dust, flying debris, vibrations, noise and possibily exhaust fumes.


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Concrete Splitters

C9-Concrete-SplitterThe Type C 9 is the hand-size splitting cylinder.

  • For moderate tasks in concrete and light to moderate reinforced concrete.
  • The lightest splitting cylinder in relation to its splitting power.
  • On each kilogram of weight comes 9.1 tons of splitting power.
Technical Data - C 9
Wedge Set N Wedge Set L
Weight 22kg
Theoretical Split Force 305 ton
305 ton
Effective Splitting Force 200 ton
200 ton
Bore hole diameter 45 - 48mm
48 - 50mm
Bore hole depth 410mm
Wedge set length 230mm 400mm
Order No. 8381 0409 00 8381 0409 40


C12-Concrete-SplitterThe Type C 12 is a powerful splitting cylinder

  • For use in heavily reinforced concrete, which calls for tough strength.
  • Worlds most powerful splitting cylinder in relation to its size.
Technical Data - C 12
Wedge Sets N Wedge Sets L Wedge Sets W
Weight 31kg  32kg 31kg
Theoretical Splitting Force 618 ton  824 ton 494 ton
Effective Splitting Force 358 ton  413 ton 321 ton
Bore hole diameter 45 - 48mm  45 - 48mm 45 - 48mm
Bore hole depth 610mm  680mm 550mm
Wedge set length 380mm  450mm 340mm
Order No. 8381 0412 38  8381 0412 45 8381 0412 25


Natural Rock Splitters

c20The Type C 20 is made for machine guided splitting - safe and extremely productive

  • Best Solution through different mounting options, easy insertion
  • Reliable and versatile, lighter than competing products, for carriers from 5-7 tons

C20-H-21 sm C20-H-28 sm C20-H-56 sm C20-H-action sm C20-J-action sm C20-V-7 sm

Technical Data - C 20
vertical horizontal
Total length 1628mm
1833mm 1790mm 2110mm
64in 72in 70in 83in
Total width 304mm 500mm 382mm 400mm
12in 20in 15in 16in
Total height 285kg 390kg 395kg 375kg
18in 22in 30in 16in

Total weight 285kg 390kg 395kg 375kg
630lbs 860lbs 870lbs 830lbs
Recommended Carrier Weight 5 - 7t   11020-15430lbs

Wedge set length N/L 500/700mm   20/28 inches
Drill hole diameter 76mm   3inches
Drill hole depth N/L, min 750/950mm  30/38 inches
Splitting force theoretical N/L 1500/1800t    14.7MN/17.7MN


C4-Rock-SplitterThe Type C 4 S is small & compact for exact work.

  • Designed for work in places with minimal spaces (e.g. tunnel and mining)
Technical Data - C 4 S
Wedge Set N Wedge Set L Wedge Sets WLL
Weight 22kg
23kg 21kg
Theoretical Split Force 461 ton
333 ton 333 ton
Effective Splitting Force 230 ton
190 ton 190 ton
Bore hole diameter 34 - 36mm
35 - 38mm 36 - 38mm
Bore hole depth 430mm
540mm 700mm
Wedge set length 250mm 400mm 510mm
Order No. 8381 0409 00 8381 0409 40 8381 0405 70


C2-Rock-SplitterThe Type C 2 S is our smallest splitting cylinder

  • Used to adjust blocks that were priorly split.
  • Smallest bore diameter requirement.
  • The lightest and shortest plitting cylinder.
  • Especially useful for underground mining and press-pipe work.
Technical Data - C 2 S
Wedge Set N
Weight 18kg
Theoretical Splitting Force 355 ton
Effective Splitting Force 195 ton
Bore hole diameter 32mm
Bore hole depth 270mm
Wedge set length 140mm
Order No. 8381 0402 10