Maximum force for powerful cuts!

Darda's newest offering - the Darda CC700 Steel

  • Cutting force of 188 t
  • Extremely efficiently with small load-bearing devices
  • Ideally for use in building interior
  • A built-in booster makes the steelcutter independent of the carrier's working pressure
  • Pivot for 360° Rotation




Total length1 2 1475mm
Total width1 1037mm
Total height 300mm
Opening width max. 268mm
Cutting depth, approx. 359mm
Total weight with hydr.rotary drive + mounting plate 695kg
Total weight (no mounting plate) 625kg
Recommend. weight of carrier3 7 - 15 ton
Pressure min. 17.5 MPa
Pressure max. 27.0 MPa
Working pressure 50 MPa
Oil flow max. 150 l/min.
Cutting force max. 1840 kN
Time to close4 ca 3s
Time to open4 ca. 2.5sec
1When completely extended
2Without mounting plate, with rotary drive
3Depends on carrying capacity table of the excavator manufacturer
4With maximum oil flow
Match the technical data to an appropriate load-bearing device!
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