The Reliable Powerhouse

CC 520 - Sets the highest standards in productivity!

  • Crushes concrete up to 54 cm
  • Cuts reinforced steel up to 28 mm
  • Excellent performance
  • Only a small carrier required
  • Ideally suited for demolition in tight places
  • A built-in booster makes the crusher independent of the carrier's working pressure
  • Specially wear resistant replaceable steel alloy crusher tips and cutter blades
  • Pivot for 360° rotation



CC 520

Recommended weight of carrier 4 - 7t
Pressure requirement 175 bar - 270 bar
Oil Flow max. 100l/min
Breaking power 466kN (48t)
Max. opening width 540mm
Dead weight approx. 350kg
Cutting Capacity reinforced steel to 28mm
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