Compact and Powerful

Maximum powerful with minimal weight!

  • Excellent Performance, only a small carrier required
  • With a small load-bearing device it can be used inside
  • Crushes concrete up to 40 cm (16 in)
  • Up to 38 t crushing force
  • Cuts reinforcements up to Ø30 mm
  • A built-in Booster makes the crusher independent of the carrier's working pressure
  • Pivot for 360° Rotation
  • Specially wear resistant replaceable steel alloy crusher tips and cutter blades




Length x width x height1 896x843x330mm / 35x33x13in
Opening width 431mm / 17in
Total weight1 240kg / 530lbs
Device carrier weight 2.5 - 4.8t / 5510 - 10580lbs
Pressure max. 500 bar / 7300psi
Oil Flow max. 100l per min / 27gal per min
Crushing force A max. 382kN (38t) / 85900lb
Crushing force B max. 509.2kN (51.9t) / 114400lb
Crushing force C max. 675.3kN (68.8t) / 151700
Cutting capacity max. 1x Ø30 mm / 1x Ø1 1/8 in
1 Without Support Valve

Match the technical data to an appropriate load-bearing device!
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