The Masterpiece of Muscle, Reach and Size.

There is a new weight class in town..

The all new BROKK 200 breaks new ground, packing the power of the Brokk 280 into a 2,1 ton compact package. This 27,5 kW Brokk SmartPowerTM machine carries tools one weight class above its size and brings the power to match it. Paired with the BHB 305 breaker or the all-new Darda CC480 crusher, it is a  brutal demolition machine. And of course it comes with the new signature Brokk SmartDesignTM and SmartRemoteTM capabilities. 

  • Demolition power of a 3 ton Brokk in a 2 ton package 
  • Exceptionally small footprint for its power and reach 27,5 kW
  • Brokk SmartPowerTM electrical system 
  • Brokk SmartDesignTM and  SmartRemoteTM
  • Built and optimized for heavy highperformance tools


brokk 200

Slewing speed
Transport speed, max. 
Climbing inclination, max. 
10 sec/360°
2,1 km/h; 1.3 mph
Hydraulic system  
Hydraulic system capacity 
Pump type 
System pressure 
Increased pressure to attachment 
Pump flow 50Hz 
85 l; 22.5 US gal
Variable load-sensing
18 MPa; 2 611 psi
25 MPa; 3 626 psi
85 l/min; 22 US gal/min
102 l/min; 27 US gal/min
Power system  
Power technology 
Electric motor type 
Recommended fuse size* 
Starting device 
27.5 kW
63 A
Soft start/Direct start
Control system  
Control type 
Signal code 
Range, radio 
SmartRemote, portable control
Professional radio/Cable
Up to 300 m
Machine weight** 
Recommended attachment weight 
2 100 kg; 4 630 lbs
350 kg; 772 lbs
Noise level  
Sound power level LWA***  87 dB(A)
*Valid for 400V/50Hz and och 440V/60Hz
**Excluding options and attachment
***Measured according to directive 2000/14/EC, excl. attachment
Click to download the BROKK 50 Product Brochure  Click to download the BROKK Attachments Brochure