The Lean Mean Demolition Machine.

If you liked the Brokk 160 you’ll love the BROKK 170.

Taking the best from Brokk 160 and adding the full Brokk SmartConceptTM – the power of SmartPowerTM, the reliability of SmartDesignTM, the ergonomics and productivity of SmartRemoteTM – the Brokk 170 is the ultimate demolition machine for the construction industry. And don't let the size fool you. This new,  lightweight machine gives you 15 % more power, packs a mean wallop with the breaker and brutal force with the crusher. Still, it's compact enough to get through standard door openings. A lean, mean demolition machine. 

  • New benchmark in breaker and crusher performance 
  • 24 kW Brokk SmartPowerTM electrical system 
  • Brokk SmartDesignTM and SmartRemoteTM 
  • Can operate on 32 A fuse (and of course 63 A) 
  • Compatible with Brokk 160 attachments


brokk 170

Slewing speed
Transport speed, max. 
Climbing inclination, max. 
10 sec/360°
2,1 km/h; 1.3 mph
Hydraulic system  
Hydraulic system capacity 
Pump type 
System pressure 
Increased pressure to attachment 
Pump flow 50Hz 
85 l; 22.5 US gal
Variable load-sensing
18 MPa; 2 611 psi
25 MPa; 3 626 psi
69 l/min; 18 US gal/min
83 l/min; 21 US gal/min
Power system  
Power technology 
Electric motor type 
Recommended fuse size* 
Starting device 
24 kW
63 A
Soft start/Direct start
Control system  
Control type 
Signal code 
Range, radio 
SmartRemote, portable control
Professional radio/Cable
Up to 300 m
Machine weight** 
Recommended attachment weight 
1 600 kg; 3 527 lbs
270 kg; 595 lbs
Noise level  
Sound power level LWA***  87 dB(A)
*Valid for 400V/50Hz and och 440V/60Hz
**Excluding options and attachment
***Measured according to directive 2000/14/EC, excl. attachment
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