Stronger, smarter, tougher

The BROKK 110 is the new generation of demolition robots!

With 15% more power than the Brokk 100 (and a whopping 50% more power than the Brokk 90), the new Brokk SmartPower™ electrical system and a reinforced design, it’s built to face almost anything. Just like its predecessor it is extraordinarily versatile in tight spaces, as it keeps the same industry leading compact size. In spite of its reach and power, it folds up into a surprisingly compact package that can climb stairs, fit in an elevator and be carried on a small truck or trailer. It’s the perfect solution in a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial environments. All in all: a demolition robot that’s stronger, smarter and tougher. 

  • Most compact and powerful machine of its size
  • Brokk SmartPower™, a new intelligent and hardened electrical system
  • Operates on both 16 and 32 amp 
  • Real 360 degrees work radius 
  • Unbeatable cooling capacity 
  • Fully covered and protected components




Weight 990 kg (2183 lbs)
Width min 780 mm (30.7 in)
Height min 1147 mm (45.1 in)
Motor rating 15 kW
Recommended weight attachment 160 kg (352 lbs)
Sound power level Lwa 91 db(A)
Transport speed, max. 2.5 km/h (0.7 m/s, 1.6 mph)
System pressure 18 MPa (2611 psi)
Hydraulic system capacity 45 litres (11.9 US gal)
Pump flow max. at 50Hz/60Hz 54 l/min (14.3 US gal/min)
Pump flow max. at 60Hz 60 l/min (15.9 US gal/min)
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