Brokk is purposely built for demolition.

Brokk usually outperforms other traditional methods such as concrete sawing or drilling or hand held tools because of the quick deployment and high productivity of the Brokk machine.

When equipped with crusher, the eltectically driven machine can work during business hours also where there are stringent noise restrictions, and with much less dust and vibration than traditional methods.


Cleaning cement kilns and demolishing brick linings can hardly be done quicker and safer than with Brokk.

In an industry where every hour's outage time means a loss of profitable production, investing in a Brokk machine can pay back after the very first tearout.


This industry provides many ideal Brokk aplications like cleaning and debricking of furnaces, ladles, runners and torpedo cars.

The remote operation allows work also in high temperatures and if conditions are extreme, the machine can be equipped to withstand very hot environments.


It is difficult to think of an environment where remote control is more suitable than in a nuclear plant.

Here, the Brokk technology has been brought to a very advanced level, enabling camera operation with remote video console.

Demolishing, removing, sorting and containerising radioactive waste and other risky and labour intensive operations are typically carried out by Brokk.


Brokk opens a wide range of new possibilities when it comes to different tunnelling projects.

The machines are mainly used to excavate cross passages between thin tunnels, safety niches, TBM launch chambers, enlargement of existing tunnels or stations, service & cable tunnels etc in the tunnelling industry.

They are exceptionally suitable for working underground or in confined space due to its electric drive, the small size and the manoeuvrability and access.


The Brokk machines compact design, flexible arm system, adjustable hammer frequency, safety, electric power and accurate operation makes it perfect for a wife variety of tasks in the mining industry.
Tasks such as scaling, breaking, digging, drilling, grizzling etc.


Brokk is also working within other applications such as the tunnelling and the mining industry where performance, compact size, electric drive and safety means everything.

The possibilities for using Brokk are unlimited. Contact us to find out how Brokk can serve your business.