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Every hour that your kiln is down is another hour of production lost - therefore it is essential to make installations as quickly as possible.

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By making your team's job easier for them, they are less fatigued and less likely to be injured - therefore better able to concentrate on the higher quality installation made possible by our equipment.

The three main goals when installing brick in rotary kilns is safety, quality, and speed of installation.Unfortunately, these goals can sometimes be conflicting. For refractory contractors that service many different sizes of kilns, they need a machine that will service a wide range of kiln diameters. Insures quality with pneumatic cylinders assisting in the precise placement of brick. By using the pneumatic cylinders to hold brick in place, there is never any unsupported, un keyed brick overhead. Ergonomic design reduces the need for multiple machines and reduces fatigue.


As part of Bricking Solutions’ worldwide agent network, we are eager to serve your sales and servicing needs.

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All refractory maintenance products are custom designed to meet your unique kiln diameter specifications, refractory thickness, and entry door dimensions. We can assist you with parts and supply orders which are shipped directly to your plant. Training is available to assist you in operating all of our bricking and demolition machines. Our expert staff is on call to help install, operate, and maintain everything we sell. We are a solution driven company dedicated to finding workable solutions for your refractory maintenance system. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in experiencing a safer, shorter, and more productive shutdown.

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We have four types of refractory installation machines.

The EZ Flexx and flat deck Hybrid are custom made to fit any kiln diameter between 3.8M-7.6M. The ECOR is for kiln diameters between 3.7M - 2.4M and the MECOR is for kilns under 2.4M.

EZ Flexx Brick Lining Machine

Flat Deck Easy Flex Hybrid Brick Lining Machine

econ-o-ring Brick Lining Machines

Mini Econ-O-Ring Brick Lining Machine

EOR / FMOR / MOR Bricking Lining Machines