The Brokk is the perfect combination of trustworthy experience and a fresh approach to effective demolition and maintenance needs.

BrokkToday more than 4000 Brokk machines are in use world-wide, meeting demolition needs every day, providing cost-effective and efficient solutions.

While traditional methods fail to meet these needs, and competitors struggle to keep up with the standards set by Brokk through the years, we continue to push the limits for remote controlled demolition.

This is why the Brokk machines are used in so many important projects around the world.


Our secret is focus

BrokkFor more than 30 years, we have concentrated on developing remote controlled machines for safe, efficient, powerful and profitable demolition. This is our playground. Our passion. Our area of expertise. While the original concept is kept unchanged – to help our customer to safe, time-saving, quality demolition – constant innovation also is a significant mark of the Brokk machines. This way, we ensure maximum durability, improves ergonomics and safety and enables efficient and profitable projects.

We adapt the Brokk to new market demands, new challenges and new application areas. This focus also manifests itself by the fact that all our experience has one single focal point: Being the expert of getting your job done.


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